Our Agency present you models for fashion shows. We offer our Client audition for free. The show (presentation) can be in the clothes of Client or the Agency supply collections of its own and provide the dress-designer up to the requirements of Client.

Our models are experienced in shows of classical wear, wedding dresses, shoes, underclothes, swimsuits, furs, bijouterie, body-art and others.

We can also supply on your demand:

•  Professional light equipment (of any level)

•  Professional sound equipment

•  Producers and script writers of shows



For invigoration of your image  Wump Model Management offer your company the services of photo models and actors. This work will afford you to create your photo- video advertising on TV, mass media, promotional flyer or advertising bill, calendar or other “image” production of your company.

This kind of service will enable you to stress different features of your production or services as well as the reliability of your company.

Our models have experience in wide range of products, so you have the opportunity to choose the professional models and actors.

Applying to our Agency WUMP you can easily find the original image that will perform your company to the market in the best way.



Models of our agency will decorate your party by appearance, will meet your guests, will grant the presents, and create the atmosphere of high day. They will perform your goods and services and give the information about your company.


Quality work of your employees and as a plus attraction of attention to your stand and your company will cost a few money but helps sufficiently. This demonstrates the reliability of your company and its superior level and will raise the interest and respect from potential partners.

Agency supply mannequin and fashion models for any kind of exhibitions and professional promotion actions, presentations and advertising campaigns in public places.

For exhibition work we can offer you as well stand-models, models with knowledge of foreign languages and translators with model appearance.


Wump Model Management offers you services of photo makers of the best quality, professional stylists, talented make-up designers and hairdressers, and body-art painters as well.

If necessary our stylists and make-up designers can create the character or style just as you like for advertising or any other photography or filming with our best professional equipment. Services of photo makers, stylists, make-up designers are possible at the Client location as well as on the territory of Agency



Audition (review and choosing of model by the Client) is for free and preferably on the territory of the Agency but possible on the territory of the Client. Dress code is stipulated in advance with the Client. If not the form for girls is short tight-fitting dress (or top and mini-skirt), spike-heel shoes, natural make-up and portfolio (professional photos). Boys are in classical suit with portfolio. The category of models, requirements and preferences are stipulated with the Client.

Agency has customized style of work to each Client in every demand even in the point of price.